Sri Lankan Physics Olympiad Competition 2018

Selection Test for 2019 IPhO and APho

Date of Competition: June 23, 2018 (Saturday)

Since 1967 the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) competition has been held in different countries. The Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) competition commenced in the year 2000. Participation in the Olympiads gives opportunities to young bright students from all over the world to share experiences and face challenges in solving Physics problems.

From the year 2005, the Institute of Physics conducts an island-wide competition called "Sri Lankan Physics Olympiad" to recognize and promote Physics among A/L students. The best students will receive medals and certificates from the Institute of Physics, Sri Lanka. Based on the marks obtained from this local competition, the best students will be selected to participate in the APhO and IPhO respectively. Under IPSL sponsorship, Sri Lankan students participated in IPhO 2005 in Spain, IPhO 2006 in Singapore, APhO 2007 in China, APhO 2008 in Mongolia, IPhO 2008 in Vietnam, APho 2009 in Thailand, IPhO 2010 in Croatia, APho 2011 in Israel and IPhO 2011 in Thailand.

You may download past papers and their solutions related to IPhO from 1967-2015 from here.

Deadline for applications: June 10, 2018

Download application form (PDF)

The national test which is usually held during the month of June/July in every year is based on the local A/L physics syllabus.


Forthcoming competitions:
20th Asian Physics Olympiad: Australia, in May, 2019
50th International Physics Olympiad: Isreal, in July, 2019


2005 - Spain 2006 - Singapore 2007 - Iran 2008 - Vietnam 2009 - Mexico 2010 - Croatia
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