The Sri Lankan Junior Science Olympiad Competition - 2019

The objective of SLJSO is to promote interest in science among school students, exposing them to problem-solving, critical thinking and experimentation and to select best students to represent the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) annually. The Institute of Physics Sri Lanka has made arrangements to hold the national competition (SLJSO) annually. The SLJSO is open for science students who are sixteen years or younger on 31st December of the competition year. The competition shall be conducted in Sinhala/English/Tamil media on a date decided by IPSL. The examination paper shall consist of 50, Multiple Choice Questions based on physics, chemistry, biology, and Mathematics taught at 6- 11 level syllabuses in Sri Lanka. Based on performance at SLJSO, Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals with a certificate will be awarded to the contestants. The best-selected contestants may represent the International Junior Science Olympiad with the guidance and support from the Institute of Physics.

Examination date: 2019-04-06 Saturday
Examination time: 2.00 PM - 4.00 PM
Registration deadline: 2019-03-26

Registration Guide - Sinhala

Regitration Guide - Engish

Regitration Guide - Tamil

Sample Questions - 1 

Sample Questions - 2

Sample Questions - 3

Sample Questions - 4

Leaflet - 2019


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Professor H H Sumathipala
National Coordinator- Sri Lankan Junior Science Olympiad
44 B Pahala Imbulgoda
Imbulgoda 11856
Sri Lanka

Mobile: 0718487622

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